511-Action FDA Campaign
Take Action with the FDA and Congress to
prevent Vaccine School Mandates for
Children 5-11yrs. [This information has been
formatted to be readable on smartphones or
laptops.] v1
*** FDA & Congress Public Comment Steps
These instructions can assist you in making your
voice known through Public Comments to FDA and
Members of Congress. The public comment period is
from October 13-25, 2021. The FDA Advisory
Committee Meeting will be held on October 26,
2021. The committee will meet to discuss a request
to amend Pfizer-BioNTech’s Emergency Use
Authorization (EUA) for their COVID-19 mRNA
vaccine to children 5 through 11 years of age. This is
an opportunity for freedom loving people to have a
voice. Mandating unsafe vaccine shots for Children
5-11 in order to attend school is a step too far.
TIP: Recording your Actions
We recommend that you use an Editing tool (e.g.
Word or Gmail Compose draft) to assist your actions.
To start, collect your ideas that you wish to present
to the FDA and Congress. Your edit tool should also
help correct spelling errors. When needed for the
forms, you can select your content and insert the
clipboard into the message forms. Make it clear in
your opening sentences that you oppose the
committee approving the Vaccine for Children 5-11
years old.
*** Comments to the FDA.
Follow these steps for FDA submission:
1. Read the Meeting announcement. Go to URL:



2. Open the comments section. Go to the URL:


3. The meeting will get displayed with the
“Documents” tab selected.
4. Scroll down and click [Comment] inside the notice
box. You have now entered the Public Comment
5. [Optional] Click “video” at the top to watch the 5
min video if desired. When done, exit the video Tab.
6. Click “Start typing comment here”. The mail text
box will hold 5000 characters which is about 42 lines.
Type your comments in the box or paste your
comments from your editing tool.
**Sample comments. Alter with personal beliefs:
Please REJECT this application. This vaccine has
been shown to be extremely UNSAFE with a huge
count of adverse events and deaths. Of special
concern has been all the injuries to hearts and
brains. There is a serious safety design flaw in the
vaccine that allows the spike proteins to rapidly
migrate in the blood throughout the body. Before
proceeding with this vaccine, an Independent Safety
Review Board should be established and charged to
produce SAFETY Reports on a Monthly basis. It is
completely unacceptable to approve this vaccine for
5-11 years old and then to Mandate the vaccine as a
requirement for them to attend school.
Furthermore, I intend to contact my members of
Congress to get involved in this action through 1) an
oversight investigation and 2) rewriting the FDA laws
for better safeguards for the public. Now is the time
to **Protect the Children**.
7. If you represent a group, select a “Comment
Category”. If not, leave the field blank.
8. If you are submitting attachments, enter them in
the “Attach Files” box. Attach any documents that
you wish. The instructions state: “[[ You can attach
up to 20 files, but each file cannot exceed 10MB.
Valid file types include: bmp, docx, gif, jpg, jpeg, pdf,
png, pptx, rtf, sgml, tif, tiff, txt, wpd, xlsx, xml. ]]”

9. Enter your Email Address and Check the box for
“Opt to receive email confirmation of submission”.
This will ensure that you get an acknowledgement
email displaying your submission comments and
your Comment Tracking Number. (“The FDA will
never display your email or share it with anyone”)
10. Select Identity Box of: Individual, Organization,
or Anonymous. Most people will select “Individual”.
For Individuals, you are required to enter your name.
All other information such as phone and location are
optional and of little value for your submission.
11. Click the box for “I am not a robot”.
12. Click [Submit Comment]
13. If any errors occur, scroll up to any item marked
with an “x”, correct it, and click [Submit Comment]
14. You will be given a “Submitted Successfully!”
screen. Record your “Comment Tracking Number”
for reference. If you supplied an email address, an
acknowledge email should arrive within 2 minutes.
Check your SPAM folder. The FDA will review your
submission and then post it for viewing. The posting
process my take 1-2 business days.
15. Viewing Public Comments. Go to the URL:
Select the [Browse Comments] tab. All posted
comments are available. To shorten the list, enter a
Last Name in the search box. Alternatively, there are
time filters on the left side of the web page.
*** You are now finished with the FDA submission

*** Comments to Members of Congress.
We strongly recommend that you send your
comments along to the three Members of Congress
who represent you (2 Senators and 1
1. For first Senator, go to:


2. The Senators are listed alphabetically by State.
Scroll down to your state and Click “Email Form”.
3. Scroll down the Home page to see if an
email/comment form is available. If not, look at the
top of the home page for a tab of [Contact] with
pull-down options of “Email”, “Contact”, or “Send
4. Select a message topic – usually Health Care.
5. In the beginning of the Message box, indicate your

opposition to the application docket#: FDA-2021-N-
1088 for Vaccine use for Children 5-11 years old.

Next, include the same statement that you provided
to the FDA. Complete the message by stating your
expectation that Congress exercise their oversight
responsibilities through dialogue with the FDA.
6. Click the [Submit] button.
7. Repeat steps 1 thru 6 for your second Senator.
8. Search for Representative:
The Website produces a list of every representative
in alphabetic order by State. Scroll down to your
state and find your representative’s name. Click the
name. This will take you to the representative’s
9. Scroll down the Home page to see if an
email/comment form is available. If not, look at the
top of the home page for a tab of [Contact] with
pull-down options of “Email”, “Contact”, or “Send
10. You will frequently be asked your zip-code to
verify you have the correct representative.
Complete steps 3 thru 6 to fill in the comments form
and submit it.
*** A time for Action
We encourage you to share these instructions with
others via email distribution lists or social media
platforms. This is a topic of substantial importance
for both our Children and our Society.