I attempted to post the following as a comment on a Washington Times article. Where they call those of us that are not getting the Injection scared. This was my first comment:

I can get this kind of one sided reporting at WAPO. If we are informed and knowledgeable and have actually looked at the documentation and listened to their informed consent pitch, then we make the educated decision to reject being their lab experiment. Now that is labeled as fear. Common sense and critical thinking have been fully vilified. Instead we who reject injections are labeled as dangerous to the rest of society. Since when are Vaccinated people afraid of the those who are not? Oh that’s right it DOES NOT WORK!!! HELLO WAKE UP, why would they insist on giving you a vaccine that does not work?

It got a mixed review including claiming that adverse reactions to the vaccine were “Qpublican conspiracies, distortions and lies.” And “You don’t die after having the vaccine. The 600,000+ who did die would consider that a great advantage. DUH!!!”

Well there are reports that 11, 940 have died. That number, according to CDC insiders, is as many as 80,000 under reported. Also there are at VAERS. 518,769 Reports of adverse reactions through July 23, 2021* From the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

Here is the post that the Washington Times flagged with this message “Sure about this? Your post is more likely to get published if you keep the conversation civil. Learn More” Clicking on learn more took me to their community standards.

I had Covid, Double Pneumonia and coughing up blood. I have multiple additional morbidities. But I had been in touch with Doctors that gave me a protocol if I ever got it. I started the protocol as soon as my symptoms began. When my Doctor got the positive he added to it. I used Vitamin D3 10,000 IU’s, Zinc 100 Mg, Vitamin C 6,000 mg (I take 10,000 MG now), Michaels Health Essential Minerals, Quercetin with Bromelain 1600 MG (I take 800 MG Now) Pro Multi Plus Multivitamin Doctor prescribed Azithromycin, Dexamethasone, Albuterol, Symbicort and a second Antibiotic for the pneumonia when the Z Pack was done. Yes it was difficult to breath. Yes I had chills, sweats, fever, pain but I stayed the course at home. My Doctor told me if I had gone to the hospital their protocol would have killed me. Everyone I have shared this with that has done it has lived. This is what I did and I hope someone is helped by it. The Times blocked this comment once lets see if they do it again.

(Other than pointing out that the Times blocked it, who exactly is it that I am apparently being uncivil too? How is this post uncivil? I would really like to know.)

11,940 DEATHS






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Please carefully read what they write are violations of their community standards and then go look again at the post above and see if you can explain the violation? Needless to say I cancelled my subscription today as this is the third time that I have witnessed their assault on Conservative or Faith based actions. They attacked Mel Gibson for saluting President Trump at a UFC event. They attacked Tucker Carlson for calling out the Capitol Police leader that testified at the January 6th commission. Something that the Capitol Police Union Leader did this week, saying he did not speak for the members at large, and he was a part of the problem not the solution. I subscribed to support what I thought was a conservative truth teller. I was wrong.